CYP weekly udate

Good evening everyone,

Happy Friday to you all. We hope that you have a had a great week.

Below is a summary of construction activities coming up in the week to come.

Surface Works

You may have noticed at the northern end of site, where our site sheds were recently removed, drainage and roadworks are underway.

As we mentioned last week, this will prepare the southbound lane of St Kilda Road between Dorcas and Bromby streets towards recommissioning and will form the next stage of the southbound lane realignment.

With last week’s smooth switch of the southbound lane on St Kilda Road, work has now commenced for teams to access and complete the next section of D-wall removal in the south.

Over the coming week this will include removing the asphalt, excavating the top surface layers back to the roof slab, exposing the delayed pour strips, followed by the installation of steel reinforcements.

Just to the north, work is continuing waterproofing completed segments of completed D-wall.

This Monday 8 August is an RDO with most of the site being inactive however a small team will be undertaking waterproofing in this zone.

Station box construction

Underneath the surface on the train station platform level, concrete pours continue next week, progressively moving from north to south.

The emergency egress fire escape stairs in the south are now complete, ventilation fans have been installed and acoustic panelling in the service rooms are steadily reaching towards completion.

Anzac Station entrance construction – Tram Interchange

On the roof of the tram interchange platform, roof cladding, canopy guttering and skylight installations will continue next week.

Underneath the canopy and along the eastern side of the platform, you will see in the attached image where the team have been trenching, waterproofing and installing conduits, that will house communication lines for future audio bollards, Myki machines and tram platform communications. Installation of this communication services infrastructure will continue over the next week.

Citipower’s HV works will also continue next week on Park St and at the entrance to the Shrine of Remembrance with the current pedestrian and road changes in place over the past few days continuing next week as shown in the attached map. A reminder that CitiPower operate under a separate permit to the Metro Tunnel works and as a result are subject to different standard working hours which may include some weekend or out of hour works. Citipower will provide separate notification of their works occurring over the next month. We will continue to keep you informed as we are made aware of their works.

Have a great weekend ahead.

Best regards, Rob and Christian


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