Crane in Bowen Cres yesterday

After talking to City of PP and the Site Manager about yesterday’s debacle, my best summary is

  • City of PP told them that they had to notify everyone in 402 St Kilda Rd about the crane. Hmm – not really sure even that happened
  • They have no idea of the oil splatter but will try and clean off our fence
  • Previous traffic management company was sacked. These guys were supposed to be much better.
  • Crazy traffic management plan where I had to ‘park’ in the St Kilda Rd line of traffic while waiting for someone to move a barrier – was approved by VicRoads. City of PP and Site guy can’t fix that!!
  • They agree that MacRob girls are at risk by walking on road. They have visited the school twice and asked for co-operation – no improvement
  • They agreed that the orange barriers do creep out but they then move them back when asked

Good news is

  • They have agreed to let Paul know of all cranes and the like going forward
  • They should be done by late November.

Bad news – they will be closing the street 6 more times before the project ends


One thought on “Crane in Bowen Cres yesterday”

  1. Thanks for the update, Gary. Not giving notice of works to start with just sets the scene. Other issues …..noise…..vibration, lights.
    Regards, Jane
    Jane Creenaune


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