CYP weekly update

Good Afternoon everyone,

Hope everyone had a great week, below is a wrap-up of construction activities happening on-site next week.

Surface Works

Starting in the south of the site today, the clear out of the surface has opened up the site of the future ventilation structures. The first of the pre-case segments for these ventilation structures are expected at the end of August. Preparation will begin next week to get these areas ready for pre-cast installation.

D-wall demolition started alongside these structures this week, but will now pause to allow works to commence to expose the delayed pour strip section.

Those at the southern end of the site may have noticed that there is a loose pit lid in the middle of the road that is making a clunking sound as cars drive over it. We have applied for a permit to close St Kilda Road southbound for a period of time and fix this pit lid during the evening – the earliest this will be able to occur is at the back end of next week.  We’ll send around a separate note once we’ve got approval to close the lane and carry out the works.

Moving up to the middle section of the site, backfilling is almost complete adjacent to the entrance canopy and adjacent to the access road across the site. The completion of this backfill will allow the access road across site to be shifted slightly and on Thursday and Friday next week the team will begin the excavation and d-wall demolition for the small remaining section that sat underneath the site access road.

Elsewhere along the edge of site, surface preparations are underway for the construction of the new road surface that will run alongside Melbourne Grammar School. Later this year the south bound lane of St Kilda Road will be switched over to this side of the site, preparations are now underway for these road works to commence.

On the topic of road works – if you’ve walked along the side of the of the site on the Shrine side of St Kilda Road, you might have noticed quite a bit of activity up where the project site sheds used to be. If you’re particularly eagle-eyed you may have also noticed that the first of the legacy Copenhagen style separated bike lanes has now been installed. While perhaps not as grand as the station canopy, this is a small but significant milestone, as sections of the final road design begin to be put in place.

Over on Park Street progress has been less prolific, CitiPower have advised us that they have encountered some unexpected issues with the HV conduits that were to be connected. As a result, next week they will be removing the barriers on the roadway and reinstating the left turn into Park Street from St Kilda Road. The same site setup will be re-established later once CitiPower have resolved the issue. We’ll provide more information in the coming weeks as CitiPower advise on the timing.

Anzac Station entrance construction – Tram Interchange

The roof cladding on the top of the station is now complete, those with a view over the site may have seen some of the skylight frames lowered onto the roof last week and then removed to rectify some issues that were identified. The installation will recommence next week. In addition to the skylight installation profile fascia will also begin to be installed around the perimeter next week.

We mentioned in last weeks update that the trenching and installation of the conduits has begun. This work will ramp up significantly over the coming weeks and in two weeks time these works will extend out until 10pm on certain nights. The laying of conduits will involve the use of a small excavator to dig a shallow trench, with the drainage pipes and conduits progressively laid in the pits as the excavator makes its away along the platform, before being backfilled. We’ll have more information about these works in next weeks update.

Station box construction

Underground, the progress has been steady, with the topping slabs being poured on top of the precast sections of the station platform. Almost the entire southern half of the station platform has now been poured, with works now commencing at the northern end of the platform. In other milestones ductwork is being installed next week alongside the over-track exhaust pre-cast, while both the northern and southern fire escape stairs are now complete and is being used for access from the concourse level down on to the platform.

Civil Works Lookahead – New Southern Section   
Excavation of temporary fill above delayed pour strip (DPS)Expose DPS reinforcementCleanout ventilation shaft U-barsExcavation of temporary fill above DPSExpose DPS reinforcementCleanout ventilation shaft U-barsExpose DPS reinforcement & cleanoutCleanout ventilation shaft U-barsExpose DPS reinforcementDPS cleanout
(*NDD Trucks*)
Expose DPS reinforcementDPS cleanout
(*NDD Trucks*)
DPS steelwork check and repair 
Expose DPS reinforcementDPS cleanout(*NDD Trucks*)DPS steelwork check and repair

Thanks, Rob and Christian


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