CYP Weekly update

Good evening all,

Hope everyone had a great week, below is a summary of construction activities happening on-site next week.

Surface Works

From the northern end of site, preparations are underway for the next stage to realign the southbound lane on St Kilda Road. Road works and kerbing of the Copenhagen style bike lanes will continue here next week, framing the future southbound lane in its legacy position. As these works move further south towards the pedestrian crossing, you may see some minor shifts of site fencing at our site gate entrance which will ensure the continuity of the kerbing and asphalting over the coming weeks.

Past the pedestrian crossing into the Shrine Gardens, you may have noticed a small piling rig set up within our site today. Next week, piling will continue here which will position one of the future entrance points to the underground station.

Towards the centre of site, the team have been constructing a retaining wall to continue more subgrade roadworks within site. These roadworks within site will enable the next switch of the southbound lane late next month.

Along the eastern perimeter of site to the south, the team have begun this week to build the permanent driveway crossover connecting St Kilda Road with Melbourne Grammar School. These works will be staged in two parts next week with minor shifts of the fencing perimeter to maintain north/ south pedestrian pathways on the eastern side of St Kilda Road.

Anzac Station entrance construction – Tram Interchange

Surrounding the tram platform, trenching will continue with installation of concrete pipes for drainage and installation of conduits for tram platform communication services. While different teams are working within this area, trenching and canopy roof works will be sequenced which may require some out of hours works until 10pm over the next few weeks. Work undertaken will include a small team laying conduit and trenching that may require an excavator at times and some work on the canopy fascia requiring a scissor lift.  

On the canopy of the tram platform, cladding of the roof is almost complete with the team working on the bordered fascia over the next couple of weeks. This week, two of the skylights were installed with glazing of the skylights continuing over the next couple of weeks.

Station box construction

Underneath the surface on B1, mechanical and electrical finishing works continue in the north and south. Blockwork, painting and insulation works continue at the northern end that will form the back of house customer service and operation rooms. At the southern end, we will be installing the back of house goods lift to service the subsurface levels.

On B2 we have recently recommenced blockwork which over the coming week will build up more plant and service rooms from an open space.

Civil Works Lookahead – New Southern Section   
Excavation of temporary fill above delayed pour strip (DPS)Expose DPS reinforcementCleanout ventilation shaft U-barsExcavation of temporary fill above DPSExpose DPS reinforcementCleanout ventilation shaft U-barsExpose DPS reinforcement & cleanoutCleanout ventilation shaft U-barsExpose DPS reinforcementDPS cleanout
(*NDD Trucks*)
Expose DPS reinforcementDPS cleanout
(*NDD Trucks*)
DPS steelwork check and repair 
Expose DPS reinforcementDPS cleanout(*NDD Trucks*)DPS steelwork check and repair

Thanks, Rob and Christian


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