That back wall

Thanks to all who sent me photos – here are a few

We discussed it at a recent Committee meeting. A few things to note

  • It seems what people think about the ‘trellis’ depends very heavily on the level they are on. This reflects the state of the structure.
  • It needs some attention / repair.
  • We do NOT intend to remove it.
  • The big issue we have is the access to it. The recent modifications to the building at 1 Bowen Cres has made difficult abseiling access now extremely difficult or impossible.
  • We think that whatever actions we take, needs to be for the long term. To gain access and then do a stop gap fix, is not supported.
  • At this stage it seems that our best plan will be to use scaffolding. We understand that this is intrusive for ground floor residents and if we are to go down that path then it would make sense to paint the back of our building at the same time. (That work needs scaffolding)
  • Repainting the back of the building and fix the ‘trellis’ /wall is a BIG job and we need to manage carefully but can be done sooner rather than later.

Bottom line – we have not forgotten about it and we are looking at options.

BTW – who put that blue cat bowl on the top of the trellis?? Or more importantly, who can get it down?


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