CYP weekly update

Good afternoon everyone,

We hope everyone has had a great week – Spring is in the air and I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the weather starting to fine up

Below is a snapshot of the works coming up on site next week.

Just a reminder that next Monday is an RDO, so no works on site.

Anzac Station entrance construction – Tram Interchange

The works on new tram canopy are nearing completion, with the just the works on the fascia continuing around the permitter of the canopy. Next week, the installation of the fascia is expected to continue up until 10pm. This will involve workers in elevated work platforms (cherry pickers) attaching fascia with hand tools. These works aren’t expected to generate significant noise.

The removal of the cranes working on the canopy has cleared the way underneath for works to commence on the installation of the services that will sit underneath the canopy. We’ve spoken about these works in previous weeks, it involves the digging of trenches and laying of conduits into the trenches. Next week the trenching and conduit laying isn’t expected to run into any extended hours, however there may be some waterproofing works that continue past 6pm next week. Like the fascia works, these only involve hand tools and aren’t expected to generate much noise.

Station box construction

The works in the station box haven’t changed course recently, it’s blockwork and room builds in the northern section of the concourse level, with some of the ventilation equipment now arriving on site. At the southern concourse end the finer fit-out details continue in the more completed rooms.

Down at the platform level the biggest development is the start of installation of the first of our elevators from concourse down to the platform, next month we’ll also land the new stairs from concourse level down to the platform. The fire escape stairs are complete, but this will be the first of the public access stairs to be installed in the station box. The works to prepare for the installation is underway, with the stairs expected to be installed later this month.  This month we’ve included a photo of a freshly poured section of the platform topping slab, where you can also see where the new stairs will be installed, flanked on either side by the escalators.

Shrine Entrance

The piling rig that was moving around the perimeter of the shrine entrance has now completed its task.
Now that it has left site, works will commence on the initial excavation. This initial excavation will only go down to around 2-3m, allowing the team to start of construction on the roof with the start of formwork and capping beam construction to begin on top the existing piles. The initial excavation is expected to start next week and finish the week after.

As evidenced by the short-lived stay of the piling rig, this section of the Shrine entrance is relatively small and we expect that the entire excavation of this area will take four weeks to complete (two weeks for initial and two weeks for base excavation). Though it will vary day to day – we’d expect an absolute maximum of 20 in/out truck movements per day to cart away excavated material. After the initial excavation, the excavation down to base is expected to start in early October. Due to the location of the Shrine entrance and the current site configuration, trucks will need to access the site via Domain Road for these works.

Surface Works

There is no shortage of activity on surface level at Anzac Station, it is peak-hour on top as the work crews prepare the site for the upcoming realignment of St Kilda Road tram tracks, which will also signal the commencement of 24/7 works to put the tram tracks into their final alignment and commission the new tram stop. These works are scheduled to commence on the 27November and will continue until around the 16 December. We’ll have more information on these works as the works program is finalised, but in the meantime the team are focussed on getting the site ready for this critical date. We’re expecting the first section of tram track to arrive on site and be installed later this month, so the final tram alignment will start to become very visible.

Elsewhere on site, at the southernmost section of the site, the delayed pour strip is nearing completion and steel tying is well underway at the site of the ventilation shafts. Next week we’ll see some clean up works on the broken back section d-wall to prepare it for a screed pour and waterproofing.

In the middle of site, the last sections of d-wall have been removed, signalling and end to one of the high impact activities on site. There are still some sections of the working surface that will need to be broken up to put in the final layer of fill, but this is non-reinforced concrete that won’t take any time at all to break out and remove from site.  This will allow us to continue the preparations for the new southbound section of St Kilda Road through the exiting site.

Pit Lid Repair

The pit lid repair at the southern end of St Kilda Road has had some false starts of late. We’ve managed to secure a new date for these works to take place Friday 16 September (next Friday)  We’ll confirm this in next week’s update, but as per the last booking we had, we will close the southbound lane of St Kilda Road while we carry out these works with the fix expected to take around about an hour to complete and is not expected to generate much noise at all.

Once again, we can only get the road shut from 11:30pm due to the football at the MCG where the Cats will be taking on the winner of the Dees vs the Lions (Who knew this pit-lid update would morph into an ongoing AFL finals series update)

Southern Civil Works Lookahead
RDOSouthern SectionFRP of Central Plinth – Concrete PourD-Wall cleanupMiddle SectionWaterproofingSouthern SectionD-Wall cleanupWaterproofingMiddle SectionWaterproofingScreed PourSouthern SectionD-Wall cleanupWaterproofingMiddle Section:BackfillSouthern SectionD-Wall Screed PourWaterproofingMiddle Section:BackfillSouthern SectionWaterproofingMiddle Section:Backfill

Thanks, Rob and Christian


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