CYP Weekly update

Good afternoon everyone,

We hope you all have had a great week and getting ready for a great weekend ahead.

Below is an overview of works that have been occurring onsite over the past week and lookahead for the week to come.

Pit Lid Repair

For those of you who are close to the southern end of site, you will be pleased to hear that despite inclement weather this afternoon, works to repair a loose pit lid on St Kilda Road are still scheduled for this evening.

These works are scheduled to begin at 11:30pm when hopefully the rain will subside however this may still by weather dependant.  

As previously notified, there will be a temporary closure of the southbound lane of St Kilda Road between Park Street and Toorak Road while we undertake these works with traffic detours in place.

The works will take about an hour to resolve and not generate too much noise.

Anzac Station entrance construction – Tram Interchange

Next week the team will be continuing to completion the canopy’s surrounding fascia, applying caulking and waterproofing elements to the newly installed skylights.

Around the western side of the tram platform, trenching and conduit installation will continue before installation and termination of the electrical services to the platform.

With next week being a short week, some of these works on the fascia and at surface level around the platform may occur outside of normal construction hours until 10pm, with a scissor lift, excavator and hand tools in use.

Station box construction

Next week, the team will finish building blockwork at the southern end of the station box on the platform level and will move towards the northern end of the station box. 

The team will begin installing the back of house lift that travels between B1 and B2 and the back of house lift that has been installed over the past month will be tested and commissioned over the next two weeks.

Throughout the station box, fitout works are ongoing with sections of precast for the platform over track exhaust continuing to be installed.

At track level, the team will be busy pouring track slabs westbound and will begin pouring track slabs eastbound after the long weekend.

Shrine Entrance

Starting Monday, the team will commence the initial excavation of the top-down works for the station entrance near the Shrine.

Initial excavation of the capping beams will also begin in this zone following the build for the retaining wall with the main excavation works at this entrance to occur during over the coming month.

Surface Works

At the northern end of site, roadworks are continuing to build the sub base, permanent pavement, kerb and drainage which will become the future southbound lane of St Kilda Road.

Some of the site perimeter fencing may change again in this location to ensure the continuity of the asphalt works.

Installation of tram infrastructure footings for future overhead lines will continue within site to the south in preparation for tram alignment works in November and December.

Around the northern ventilation shaft, a crane will mobilise over the next few days to begin installing precast panels for the northern ventilation services shaft.

As next week is a short week, works to crane these panels and fix them into site will occur outside of normal construction hours until 10pm with some noise expected as the teams use hand tools to fix these panels into position.

After the long weekend, these works will occur in the southern end of site at the southern ventilation shaft.

On top of the southern end of the station box, the team will be waterproofing, screeding and backfilling in preparation of these precast panels to be installed.

Over the coming week, there will be a small team from Yarra Trams installing footings and poles for tram infrastructure on St Kilda Road near the corner of Toorak Road.

These works will be undertaken by Yarra Trams and as we receive more information about these works we will be sure to keep you up to date.

Southern Civil Works Lookahead
Southern SectionWaterproofingD-Wall PrepMiddle SectionWorks CompleteSouthern SectionWaterproofingD-Wall PrepSouthern SectionWaterproofingScreed placementPublic HolidayPublic HolidayShutdown Weekend

All the best for a great weekend.

Regards, Rob and Christian


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