Weekly update from CYP

Good afternoon everyone,

We hope everyone has been staying dry and taking care with the recent weather over the past week.

Due to this inclement weather, some of our works have been rescheduled resulting in some out of hours work required this weekend and next week.

This evening, works will continue within our worksite until 10pm to align barriers along the future alignment of St Kilda Road’s southbound lane.

The overnight road works to switch over to this new southbound lane will now occur Monday 17 October from 8pm until 5am Tuesday 18 October with the new alignment of the southbound lane in operation Tuesday morning, weather permitting. These over-night works will mainly involve line-marking the tie in points to the new sections of road and shifting site perimeter concrete barriers.

On Saturday, some works may continue until 6pm undertaking roadworks within site in preparation for this switch as well.

As mentioned in our monthly construction update, this Tuesday evening, from 7pm, 18 October until 2am, 19 October, soil sampling works will occur alongside St Kilda Road’s northbound lane at the intersection of Kings Way and St Kilda Road.

This will require the temporary removal of six carparks near the corner of St Kilda Road and Kings Way and require the temporary closure of the left-hand turning lane into Kings Way. Vehicles travelling northbound will still be able to turn left into Kings Way from St Kilda Road via the northbound through lane on St Kilda Road.

Anzac Station entrance construction – Tram Interchange

As higher winds this week impacted our ability to undertake works on the canopy roof and surrounding area, some works around the canopy and platform next week will continue until 10pm.

These works will include connecting electrical services, utilities, and communications to the platform, installing fascia around the roof and under-flashing to the skylights.

Below the canopy at platform level, glass balustrades will continue to be installed around the perimeter of the central oculus that mezzanines over the underground station.

Cladding will be installed to the underside of the canopy at each end and concrete pouring will begin to prepare for pavers to be installed.

Station box construction

On B2, blockwork is continuing in the northern end of the station box and concrete pours continue.

Installation of steel frames continue for lifts one and two, services installation continues at under platform level and platform screen door steel installation will continue along the platform.

Formwork and steel supports will be installed next week to form up the risers around staircase four with concrete pours occurring over the next two weeks to develop this central staircase.

Shrine Entrance

Despite weather delays, steady progress has been maintained in this location with blinding for the roof slab and steel fixing for the top-down roof continuing next week.

Next week, pile breakback will continue in preparation for the capping beams and main excavation to follow.

Surface Works

The crane that has been lifting the southern ventilation and services shafts into place over the past week was demobilised today in the south.

Over the next week, stitch pours to their base will continue, followed by waterproofing and backfilling to these structures.

Throughout site, from the north to the south, roadworks will continue with asphalting, line-marking and barrier installation continuing in preparation for the switch of the Southbound lane to it’s realigned position on Tuesday morning.

Also through site, the team will progressively lay sleepers and measures of tram track that will form the new tram alignment. Attached is an image of some of the track progress on a particularly nice day this week.

All the best for a great weekend ahead everybody.

Best regards, Rob and Christian


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