CYP update

Good morning everybody,

This week we would like to begin by thanking everybody for their patience while we have been undertaking recent extended out of hour and overnight works.

As we mentioned last week, we will be continuing these works over the next week as we move closer towards our target to realign the tram tracks with the Anzac Tram platform in November as outlined in the attached works notification that was distributed this week.

While we are seeking to schedule noisier works during normal construction hours where possible over the next week, we understand that there will be disruptive elements around the precinct which we are working with our teams to mitigate.

Below is an overview of daytime works occurring next week – with a more detailed table that breaks down the overnight activities scheduled in for next week.

Anzac Station entrance construction – Tram Interchange

On the tram platform, installation of glass balustrades will continue next week around the oculus mezzanine and paving will continue to be installed along the length of the platform towards the kiosk.

Above the platform, perimeter fascia works on the canopy trim and under flashing to the skylights will also continue next week.

At the kiosk, steel cladding will begin to be installed and internal fit out of services and plastering will continue within the structure.

Surface Works

As previously notified in our November construction update, this week we have commenced work on the corner of Park Street and St Kilda Road to begin the Park Street kerb works.

Yarra Trams will be installing a new tram pole in this location to support the new tram alignment and the project will undertake works to complete the legacy kerb design.

During this time, the pedestrian signalised crossings on the corner of Park Street and St Kilda Road will be closed.

Pedestrians crossing Park Street will be detoured to the pedestrian crossing at Wells Street.

Access to the Park Street tram platform on St Kilda Road (Stop 20) and access across St Kilda Road from the Shrine Grounds will be via the crossing at Dorcas Street, or via the tram stop’s northern signalised pedestrian crossing.

Through the middle of the construction site, the team will be continuing to install the tram tracks, tram poles and around the ventilation and services shafts in the north and in the south, the team will be continuing to waterproof, backfill and apply cladding around the structures.

At Albert Road Reserve, you may have noticed that the temporary pocket park installation has been removed. Next week four trees that have the appropriate permissions will be removed from the southern side of the site to enable the station entrance works. A fauna handler will conduct pre-inspections of trees requiring removal and will also be on site when the trees are being removed. Two site sheds will be setup in this park next week to enable entrance construction works to commence over the next few months.

Station box construction

On B1 level, the team are continuing fit out works, installing 2 more escalators, glazing the lifts’ structural steel and installing the lift cart.

Shrine Entrance

Over the next week, the team will be applying steel fixing to the top-down roof and finishing the last of the piling break back works.

Towards the end of the week the team will start to apply steel fixings to the capping beams and building formwork for these areas to prepare for further excavation works.

Extended Hours Works:

The works listed below are those that will extend overnight next week. The coloured squares indicate the days that the listed activity will be continuing. 

We will have additional supervision on site to ensure that we minimise any unnecessary noise, however all these activities will continue through the night.

Activities such as hammering and sucker trucks are not permitted during the night, and other activities such as paver cutting will be stopped at 10pm.

As always, there is a chance that these days may slip or shift – but this represents the teams current thinking around which crews will be working in each location, each evening.


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