The pain is about to begin

See details below

My alternative suggested route to the city from the lower car park is…

  • Left at Bowen Lane
  • Left at Kings Way
  • Head along Queens Rd
  • Left at Arthur St
  • Left at St Kilda Rd
  • Left into Toorak Rd / Kings Way

2 thoughts on “The pain is about to begin”

  1. That could be a good method for us at 418. Right into Queens Lane, left into Bowen Crescent then as you describe. I was thinking left into Queens Lane, right into St Kilda Road, right into Arthur Street, right into Queens Lane, left into Kingsway. Better might be for us is a U turn in Toorak Road at Millswyn Street. I just hope there won’t be closures of Bowen Crescent for the duration of the works.


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