CYP update

Good afternoon everyone,

Welcome to the final weekly look ahead email for 2022.

It has been an eventful year, commencing at the start of the year with the demolition of the big green acoustic shed in the middle of St Kilda Road, and now we are about to open the new tram stop on St Kilda Road.

There has a been a lot accomplished over the year, and throughout it all we have genuinely appreciated the support from the local community. At times it certainly hasn’t been easy, no more-so than the past few weeks of 24/7 works.

We’re pleased to report that St Kilda Road is ready to reopen this evening, including the connection from Albert Road out to St Kilda Road and the connection into Park Street from St Kilda Road.

Over the weekend, Yarra Trams will be completing the final testing and commissioning works prior to trams recommencing. These testing and commissioning works by Yarra Trams will occur from 6pm, Sunday 18 December. Yarra Trams maintenance crews will be onsite to perform inspections, and if required, conduct maintenance work to ensure the tram network is fully operational. If test trams reveal any defects, the works will then be classified as essential tram works to enable network resumption. This means the defects will have to be rectified immediately. This may involve some hammering, grinding and vehicle noise.

The new tram stop will open from first tram on Monday morning with normal tram services scheduled to resume at 5am, Monday 19 December. Some areas will be in a temporary condition with further completion works to occur in 2023 and throughout 2023 we will be progressively constructing the final legacy arrangements including the Albert Road Reserve station entrance, Albert Road alignment as well as various St Kilda Road medians, central lanes, bike lanes, kerbing and crossing points.

Next week will be a fairly quiet week and we’ll be getting the site ready for shutdown over the Christmas break, with the installation of lighting in key areas and any rectification works.

The lights in the middle of St Kilda Road will be energised early in 2023, with a conduit connection to be excavated down Albert Road North, and CitiPower will need to do the final connection.

We’ll have temporary lighting set up in the meantime and the tram platform lights will be powered up.

Our thanks once again on behalf of the entire team constructing the Anzac Station, we hope that you enjoy a quiet, peaceful and safe break.
We’ll be returning to site around the 10th January.

Thanks again, Rob and Christian


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