News about NEXT year’s noise

Jan and I met with CYP today to discuss the plans for 2023 – we knew it was going to be the last ugly time for us.

A brief summary

  • The last remaining part of the D Wall needs to be removed. This is the wall that was needed during the construction but must now be removed. It is right in front of us.
  • All work will be done in day times – no night works
  • It will be very noisy
  • It will go from late January for 3-4 months
  • Scaffolding will be erected out the front – the hoardings will hopefully have some nice artwork
  • Access to and from the lower car park will be maintained EXCEPT for a 3-4 week period towards the end of the period. We are working out a plan of how to manage that gap.
  • We have discussed footpath lighting, sightlines and other safety matters.
  • …more to come later
  • This is a photo to remind you how close the wall comes!!

One thought on “News about NEXT year’s noise”

  1. That is rather awful about the wall demolition for you and your neighbours. Yesterday I confirmed that for a couple of months after the Christmas break, both Albert Road and Park Street west bound will be closed, I think Albert Road permanently. That is perhaps five minutes or more added to a trip to South Melbourne or north on Kingsway. Well trained sympathetic noises were made by the person I spoke to, but that changes nothing. My how we have suffered over the last couple of weeks, with difficult driving routes in terribly congested traffic, close to non useable public transport and now to learn in the new year, closure of both Albert Road and Park Street west bound. I am not brave enough to inform my partner of the closures of both west bound streets.


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