CYP / Botanica news – Driveway and generator

News from Rob Mair….


The team will be onsite tomorrow to erect the new cover for the generator. Depending on how quickly it goes up, there will be a period where it is uncovered.

There is a bit of rain forecast, so I’ve confirmed that they’ll be available on Saturday – so that in the event that it doesn’t get completely erected tomorrow, it won’t sit semi-complete over the weekend and into the RDO.

GB note – this is the sound I hear from my balcony

Driveway access

I’ve got a notice ready to go for the driveway switch (you will have seen that they sealed it today)

The switch is likely to happen Wednesday.

Just speaking to the guys now about sequencing it to minimise the time that the driveway is delayed, will still require some TC’s while it is happening.

GB Note – this is what will happen…

  • The existing St Kilda Rd past Botanica will continue as is.
  • The area in front of 390 St Kilda Rd will be ‘adjusted’ to allow a ‘driveway’ (Jan’s Way mark 2) about where the kerb is currently.
  • To access the lower cark park from the south, you will go past our building down to Bowen Lane and effectively do a U turn along the new Jan’s Way. Then right into our driveway.
  • You will also be able to come up Bowen Lane and turn right into Jan’s Way
  • On exiting the driveway, you turn left onto Jan’s Way. At Bowen Lane you will be able to turn left. You MAY be able to turn right and merge onto St Kilda Rd. Waiting on safety checks

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