CYP Update – Spoiler alert….VERY noisy from Tuesday

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope everyone is managing to stay cool today, our works have been heated off today as the temperatures have soared, so it should at least make for a quieter in afternoon.

Below is an update on the works planned for next week. Just a reminder that next Monday is an RDO, so we won’t be back on site until next Tuesday

Station Roof Works

Last weeks forecast of excavators starting up on the station roof section at 400 St Kilda Road was a little premature, the design approval for the taller screens attached to the jersey barriers was delayed, meaning the works couldn’t start. These higher screens are to protect those walking directly past the works, so we couldn’t kick off until they were approved and installed. You can expect to see (and hear) the excavators in action from Tuesday.

Albert Road Reserve Station Entrance

The piling around the permitter of the new Albert Station reserve is now complete – this is the last time you’ll see a piling rig on the construction site, as this is the final pile required on the job. Though they’re not the most disruptive piece of equipment on the job, I’m sure everyone will be happy to know that the last pile is in the ground.  Next week will see the top of the piles trimmed back at the northern end of the station works, while excavation will ramp up in the remainder of the station entrance footprint.

Conduit Installation – Albert Road North

While the Albert Reserve Station Entrance is making great progress, the same can’t be said for the conduit works along Albert Road North. The preliminary excavation has uncovered a number of different old services and connections in places that they aren’t supposed to be. This has required a bit of reshuffling for these works and the conduit location.  We’re expecting that these works will wrap up by the end of next week, instead of finishing this week as expected.

Parking Removal – Albert Road North

As a result of the delay to the conduit works, the removal of the central median parking down near Kings Way has also been pushed back. Originally scheduled to be closed off next week, we’re instead looking at closing this parking during the week commencing 27 February.

The mid-point zebra crossing in Albert Road will also close at this time, with a new zebra crossing point installed at the base of Albert Reserve.

St Kilda Road median works

Down at the southern end of site, the blinding layer of concrete for the first of the chiller plant structures has been poured, and formwork is underway for the base slab. Preparation works are underway for the blinding layer in the second location further to the south.  The trees that were to be removed in the median up near Toorak Road were taken down last week. Wildlife checks were conducted on each tree prior to its removal. We originally notified that three trees would be removed, but the team determined that the third tree could remain until later this year as works wouldn’t be required in the immediate future. Any tree removal is delayed until absolutely required to facilitate construction.

The tree removal means that we’ll commence works to build the inner road lane of St Kilda between Bromby Street and Toorak Road (southbound)

No major changes up at the northern end of St Kilda Road, the team are continuing preparations to lay the first of the asphalt for the St Kilda Road centre carriageway between Park Street and Dorcas Street.

Station box construction

No new major milestones to report from inside the station box – we did promise a photo of the track running through the station, which didn’t get attached. It’s now attached showing the tracks running through eastbound section of the station. The west is also underway and making good progress along the tunnels. Once the track slab is installed and the new track affixed, the team make their way along the tracks concreting the track slab into place.

Shrine Entrance

The shrine entrance construction is also continuing with excavation activities as reported last week. Nothing new to report and no new activities expected next week other than excavation.

Park Street under bore

The under bore drill arrived on site last week and made short work of boring underneath St Kilda Road, work will now commence to tie the connection into the existing network. Once this is complete, CitiPower will come and make the final connections, this is expected in late March. The completion of the bore means that the work crews will now switch their attention to the legacy works between Park Street and Albert Road. Next week the kerb and drainage works will start, with the footpath works to follow in the coming weeks.

Thanks, Rob and Christian


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