CYP weekly update

Good afternoon everyone,

A short and sharp update this week focussing in on the areas where we’ll see some change in activity.

Next week we’re expecting a bit of weather – so there’s every chance it will put a dent in progress.

  1. Station Roof Works

Last week’s update promised concrete this week, but that’s actually set for the back end of next week. I’d like to point the finger at the weather, but I’m afraid it was me misreading the program, specifically when the concrete was going in. It will be steel tying next week with the concreting at the end of the week.

  1. Albert Road Reserve Station entrance

We got some, but not all concrete into the first section of the Station reserve roof this week. The main pour is going to kick off next week, subject to the weather. Outside this, its business as usual with excavation underway in the other areas.

  1. Conduit Installation – Albert Road North

CitiPower are still working on the conduit connection. I haven’t had an update from them this week, I’ll have some more news next week.

  1. Albert Road North Construction

More drainage and surface preparation work down at Albert Road. Nothing new to report from this end.

  1. St Kilda Road median works – South

Chiller plant work and median surface preparation still underway as per last week.

  1. St Kilda Road median works – North

Next week we’ll see quite a bit of action between Park Street and Dorcas Street – The asphalt pour for the section of road at the intersection of Park Street and St Kilda Road will happen on Thurscday night (actually starting around 1am on Friday morning – essentially when trams stop running and we can get into this area). The good news is that as part of these works we’ll also re-open the left turn from St Kilda Road into Park Street at the same time – as well as the pedestrian crossing.

The next night we’ll get some line marking done overnight, which should be a quiet exercise. We’re also looking at getting some yellow hatching line-marking over the tram tracks where the 58 Tram turns in and out of St Kilda Road to get in/out of Park Street.  Drivers are consistently getting stuck in the middle and queuing over this area, blocking trams and causing incessant dinging at all hours.

We’ve put in additional signage, but hopefully this new line-marking also helps the issue, as I know the dinging is annoying for the residents of Hallmark.  

We’ll likely get some asphalt into the new inner carriageway between Park Street and Dorcas Street  from Thursday onwards.  The final date for the switch of traffic into the inner carriageway is still being worked through, it will require an overnight intervention on St Kilda Road to get the traffic barriers into position, so just working this through with the relevant authorities. Earliest date would be the 3 April, but I will confirm next week. Once the switch happens, the parking will temporarily be removed between Park and Dorcas Streets.

  1. Station box construction

Business as usual down underground.

  1. Shrine Entrance

Business as usual for the Shrine Entrance

  1. Park Street to Albert Road

The switch of pedestrians off the footpath and onto a temporary path has been held up.

As mentioned above, the good news is that the Park Street pedestrian crossing and left turn from St Kilda Road into Park Street will open on Friday next week.

The footpath closure is now likely to happen late next week and coincide with the Park Street left turn reopening

Have a wonderful weekend

Thanks, Rob


One thought on “CYP weekly update”

  1. Oh wouldn’t it be lovely to have work actually completed Just in Time!

    why wasn’t the hatching done on the Park St St K Rd intersection at the beginning, rather than one week (or less) before the intersection reverts to straight AND left turn.

    Just in time (pre-planning, seeking commitments, then getting the people right at the top to penalise those who are holding up the) CitiPower work. Meanwhile we have had FOUR MONTHS of continuous AND monstrous hmmmm, hmmmm hmmmm 24/7 from the generator. Even after the consortium attempted some attenuation. Noise is used as torture because it works. Thanks NOT. Hmmmmmmm, hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm
    Don’t have to open windows to get it hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm it has this power to hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm through the walls, windows, anywhere. It’s like water seeping, but it’s noise with a physical effect.

    I know this doesn’t make sense unless you’re living it. Sorry if that’s you, …………..


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