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Good morning everyone – It appears that the weekly update didn’t go through yesterday afternoon.

Resending this morning.

Have a great weekend!

Thanks, Rob

Good afternoon all,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Holiday break, while its been a short week on site, we’ve made the most of it and implemented a few changes on site. Most notably the activation of the centre carriageway and the start of the work on the separated bike lanes between Park Street and Dorcas Street.

  1. Station Roof Works

Kicking off this section update with a huge thanks to residents of the Botanica who access their driveway via St Kilda Road. We’ve had to relocate everyone’s cars from this garage while we embark on the next stage of excavation, d-wall demolition and station roof tie in works.

The team are off to a good start and next week we’ll see the excavator down to the tie-in point, the sucker trucks will move in for clean-up, while the excavator continues to work its way north in front of 390 St Kilda Road.  As I mentioned previously, the section we started a few weeks ago has proved a little tricky with the final steel tying in the corner, but we expect that by tomorrow we’ll have the first concrete poured into this tied-in section of the station roof, with waterproofing underway next week. The area is then backfilled, which is likely early the following week (or late next week if waterproofers get a good run)

  1. Albert Road Reserve Station entrance

Excavation continues along at Albert Road Reserve Station entrance, not much else to report here, the team are progressively excavating down and coating the exposed piles with shotcrete ( a sprayed form of concrete) This will continue to be the main activity next week.

  1. Conduit Connection – Anzac Tram Stop

We finally have something to report here, with the electricity provider giving us the all clear to connect in the power to the new tram stop on 26 April, this means the decommissioning of the generator in front of Melbourne Grammar.

  1. Albert Road North Construction

Albert Road North will remain in drainage construction mode for a while as the team work their way up the site. Last week we demolished a small traffic island in front of Albert Road Clinic, this will provide us with a bit more room to move cars through while we have the Southern footpath under construction in May. Next week will be more drainage and preparatory works for the future road surface.

  1. St Kilda Road median works – South (Nightworks –14 April)

As mentioned in last week’s update, we’ll be shifting traffic barriers between Barwise Street and Toorak Road overnight on the evening of the 14 April (tonight).

This traffic barrier shift will allow works to start on the inner lane – One change that will take effect is that you will no longer be able to turn right from St Kida Road into Kings Way until these works are complete later this year.

  1. St Kilda Road median works – North

Last night the switch for city bound traffic came into effect, with traffic now using the centre carriageway and the service lane used for local traffic and bicycles only. It allows us to start construction on the separated bike lane through the section of St Kilda Road between Park Street and Dorcas Street. We’ll see some profiling of the roadway underway next week to prepare for the bike lane construction, the first activity is drainage installation that kicks off with some service investigation excavation with NDD trucks. 

  1. Station box construction (Extended Concrete Pours)

While the works underground have largely been out of site and out of mind, this week there will be some minor activity on the surface as we complete final section of the second-stage concrete pour for the newly installed track slab and track through Anzac Station. These final pours will occur next week – and while we’ll aim to wrap up by 10pm, the team advise that it’s highly likely that some of these concrete pours will run overtime, but they expect all pours will be wrapped up on surface by midnight.

  1. Shrine Entrance

Nothing new to report at the Shrine entrance, with steel fixing underway for the future base slab and internal walls.

  1. Park Street to Albert Road

As I noted in last week’s update, after an arborists assessment of the root situation, one of the trees in the work area in front of the Hallmark will need to be removed (the smaller of the two). We expect this will happen next week. The other tree along the footpath will have NDD excavation carried out next week, I’ll advise everyone of the outcome once we know more. Otherwise, the installation of pavers in this area will be the main task for next week.

Thanks Rob


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