Pantry moths

People in a couple of apartments have reported an infestation of pantry moths.  Bencorp contacted a pest control company today and their advice is as follows


The photos that have been sent are of lava, that is born before moths are hatched.

These are normally bought into a storage via food, that being household and industrial.

The main causes are grains, rides, nuts, flour etc. these have been purchased with the lava and it sits and breeds in packets and boxes, as they develop, they wander and climb walls and into crevices.

The only way to eradicate this is to vacuum them up, not squash or spray. Once all the lava has been vacuumed and products removed and thrown out.  A PY  spray could b applied to walls and shelves, However, most people don’t find this a great idea as it is a residual spray and is normally only applied in commercial areas. Secondly spray will not fix the area unless the previous regimes are attended too. Unfortunately Pest control is not the first point of call. It is removal of foods, vacuuming the lava and all areas of the pantry.

They do tend to breed, so if all foods affected are not thrown out the issue will continue.

Adams Pest Control Pty Ltd

We have previously used bay leaves and this article has a very comprehensive explanation.

Feel free to let Paul know if you are having issues or leave a comment here







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