Proposed signage for 390 St Kilda Rd

You may have recently received notification from the City of Port Phillip about proposed new signage on the building next door (390 St Kilda Rd).  The standard letter did not tell you much!!

See below – shows the proposed signage.  To me it seems v similar to the Adaps signage removed

390 St Kilda Rd Proposed Signage

One thought on “Proposed signage for 390 St Kilda Rd”

  1. Hi Gary Before you were here we had all sorts of issues with this building. There was a sign lit up on the building, it was Mayne, 701 was lit up so much they could not sleep! It is cheap and nasty! As a matter of fact we did at one stage have all sign boards removed as they do not enhance any building for sale or lease. What is going on with this council? Kay and Ralph

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