Metro Rail – Answers to some questions

  • Should residents / owners put in their own comments to Metro Rail?

I am submitting my feedback to them as Chairman of The Botanica Owners Corp and I am trying to represent views of most residents.  But I do not know everyone’s views.  I am very happy for anyone to submit further feedback to Metro Rail.

The best email  address to use is

James is Director, Communications & Stakeholder Relation, Melbourne Metro Rail Authority

  • Modifications to our carpark would be expensive and involve legal costs etc.

I don’t think it is feasible to modify our carpark to allow basement vehicles to enter/exit via Bowen Cres.  However if that did happen then Metro Rail would pick up all costs.

  • Concerns on noise and dust during construction

They are well aware of this being a major issue.  In the last few months, they have been in contact with the organisation who is completing a similar project in London.  This has meant that they now believe that the ‘open hole’ period will be reduced from around 36 months to 24-30 months.  That’s still a long time but the focus of making this time period shorter is great.

They have agreed to regular washing of our building.

Going forward there will be an opportunity for The Botanica OC and individuals to provide formal feedback.  At this time you can comment on issues such as hours of work, noise, dust, local amenity and the like


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