Metro Rail – Environmental Effects Study

The Metro Rail people have today released the Environmental Effects Study (EES).  The associated press release says (in part)

“The EES also outlines the significant impacts on open space, roads and other transport, including temporary and permanent closures of some streets and occupation of public areas along the tunnel alignment. Some of these impacts will last 3-5 years during the construction phase.

The EES reveals concept designs, exact locations and depths for the five new underground stations that will be built as part of the Metro Tunnel Project, and how they will be built.

The new Domain Station will be built 15 metres below St Kilda Road using an advanced cut and cover approach. The station will include three entrances: one in the Shrine of Remembrance Reserve, one at the relocated Domain tram interchange, and another in the open space where the South African Soldiers Memorial is currently located.”

There is a mass of documents, all available here.  I’d suggest the Executive Summary is a good place to start.

We are intending to make a formal submission on behalf of the Botanica residents, feedback welcome.


One thought on “Metro Rail – Environmental Effects Study”

  1. Many thanks for your updates on this Gary.

    Page 46 of the Summary report documents in a bit more detial the noise and vibration periods we may be experiencing:

    “There are anticipated to be relatively short periods during construction when additional management actions would need to be taken to address impacts to human comfort as a result of vibration and ground-borne noise. Over the course of the construction program for the tunnels and stations, the most-affected sensitive receivers (those located immediately above or in very close proximity to the tunnel alignment) may experience vibration levels above the guideline targets for approximately 10 days on two occasions as the TBM for each tunnel passes by. As roadheader-mined tunnels progress more slowly than TBM-bored tunnels, sensitive receivers at a limited number of locations within the CBD may experience vibration levels higher than the targets on one occasion of up to 32 days.

    Vibration and ground-borne noise would also be generated by roadheader excavation of the station caverns. Guideline targets for human comfort may not be met at several locations in the CBD for periods of up to six weeks, up to three times over the course of station cavern construction.”


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