4 thoughts on “Metro Rail – Noise and Vibration”

  1. Gary,

    Thank you for presenting an opinion on behalf of the owners. I generally agree with your points.

    However I would have pressed for my comment, from the survey, regarding ” Dilapidation Reports” for ALL impacted buildings be conducted by Metro Rail prior to the works commencement. The significance of this demand can in fact be qualified by the video regarding vibration from underground works, possibly leading the building foundation’s instability.

    If you are unsure as to what I am talking about, enquire of the Bencorp people, though I rather doubt they may know.

    I am happy to meet with you and explain.

    I would also suggest that if you have a direct and strong Executive contact with Domain, One Albert Rd, a building with even greater impacts on all levels than our building, I strongly suggest wooing these people. This building is called the “Power Tower” due to its highly powered Owner’s roll.

    As an aside, who prepared the Survey questions and did all the other buildings share it with their Owner’s.

    I did not attend the meeting as I am new to Melbourne, have never caught a train here and the knowledge of all this capital work has come as a total surprise to me since I bought 6 months ago.

    In reference to your final statement that you request Council’s closer communication, I rather strongly suggest a verbal and written push directly with Metro Rail instead, detailing concerns, presenting question for answers. Including timetable time frame for our impact.

    I needed to find someone in Metro Rail to open the bollard blocks in front of our building so my removalist could park in front for a few hours so I could move in. The contact I was directed to by the surveyor on site, was very obliging, explained the purpose of the soil extraction going on in front of the building, he also said the need to assist, accommodate and listen to residents was a high priority.

    I got my cleared space as requested. Gary, unfortunately I haven’t kept his phone number and I can’t remember his name. This does not mean reaching a Metro Rail person of interest is not impossible.

    I doubt the Council will do very much, the project is really out of their hands in fact. The project is State driven, not locally owned.



  2. Chrissie
    Thanks for your feedback. I will give a few quick answers here, will try and send you a more detailed email later, I am working full time and very busy.

    The Project has already committed to …property condition surveys would be undertaken before works begin to record the existing condition of buildings and houses within close proximity of tunnels and surface works

    We have had someone regularly meeting with group involving 1 Albert Rd

    I personally built the survey and made it available to other buildings – No others any took up the offer

    We have regular contact with v senior executives at Metro Rail

    We have had an experienced engineer advise us of likely issues.

    We have a legal organisation preparing our submission on the EES

    The council representation is simply another avenue to assist us.


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