Draft EES submission

16-07-02_DRAFT Botanica Melbourne Metro EES Submission

This is the draft submission for the consideration of the Committee.  After receiving feedback from a number of owners / residents, I believe that this document reasonably represent those overall concerns.

Please be aware that our legal advice is that this document should be kept at a fairly high level and that we make more detailed claims at the hearings in August / September.

You should also be aware that this is only the draft version and not the final version.

Our legal advice is also that we are better served by one strong overall submission than numerous small personal submissions.  In that light, I would prefer you give me feedback on this document rather than make your own submission.  But if you still feel the need to make your own submission, I understand and respect that decision.



2 thoughts on “Draft EES submission”

  1. Hi Gary

    We have been overseas for an extended time and have only just started to get back on top of things. First thanks for all your effort in regard to this and other issues, we are glad our interests are being so capably looked after. For your info – in relation to the Metro Project, we generally support the extension of the Metro down St Kilda Rd and the establishment of the Domain Station. Therefore we acknowledge that there will be medium term disruptions (5 years!) and long term changes. Our interest I think is like yours – making sure the planning process is aware of our particular issues and consider constructive suggestions. The matters raised in the submission seem to outline the problems and the threats to our amenity. We can only persist to ensure that these issues are taken into account properly and mitigated as far as possible.

    In regards to the temporary 3 story structure over the proposed station – do you know the proposed length of this?

    Thanks again. Simon and Lian #302


  2. Simon / Lian – thanks for your support

    Firstly let me say that the info I am reporting is the best I can find out at any point in time. As I ask more questions, I find out more of the puzzle. I must say that the Metro Rail guys are very open about it all. They are not trying to hide stuff but the ‘shed’ is not a done deal but I’d say highly likely.

    It is a two edged sword, it will look ugly but contain a lot of the noise and dust. I even said – I assume you will cover it and make it look like our green trees that you’re pulling out and they said that was quite possible.

    How long?? My gut feel is 3 years


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