EES enquiry on Metro Tunnel

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, I was travelling the Kimberley …back now and here is the catch up post on Metro Tunnel (was called Metro Rail)

See attached reports that were submitted on our behalf last Friday

Statement of Mr Goddard

Statement of Dr Bellair

Statement of Mr Kiriakidis

A big issue that keeps coming up is information control from Metro Tunnel.  A good example is our emergency exit – they have agreed but it is not in the base documents.  They are now trying to solve the problem by issuing Technical advisory notes, you can see them here
Our exit is covered in Note 15.
This also causes issues with maps and final road designs
Our experts have picked up many things…just a few are
– High level of Silica ….issue with possible silicosis
– Noise worse than predicted
– Dust models flawed / method of moving waste is contradictory (piped or trucked?)
– Dedicated commercial parking bays (outside 400 St K Rd) for the station
Next steps
  • Conclave of experts next week
  • Bus tour of sites by the panel members (and others) next Tuesday and Wednesday.  I expect that they will be stopping here on Tuesday
  • Hearing starts August 22
  • Our slot is Sept 21 – Our barrister, Paul Chiappi has 3 hour slot.  He will have our issues and possible solutions

This is our only real opportunity to have a positive influence of this massive project.  The potential impact on the building and our property values could be very significant if our submission is not taken seriously.

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One thought on “EES enquiry on Metro Tunnel”

  1. Dear Gary Thank you for all the work you are putting in. It seems to us that once again there has not been much thought of how it will effect residents,also how can buildings be built where there are no facilities for traffic to building sites and storage areas for Metro works storage, it seems they are not considering us or the most beautiful part of Melbourne at all. This is a huge worry!! Sincerely Kay and Ralph

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    Kay & Ralph Erwin “Botanica” 603/400 St.Kilda Rd. Melbourne. 3004 0438 212 048

    Sent from my iPad

    Kay & Ralph Erwin “Botanica” 603/400 St.Kilda Rd. Melbourne. 3004 0438 212 048 >


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