Red ribbons on trees

For your information this is NOT part of anything that Botanica is involved in.  I THINK that the G12 group are behind this action, but not sure.

I personally think that it is very sad that any trees will go but…

  • As I understand it, the difference between the ‘cavern’ method and the ‘cut and cover’ method is only 15-20 trees.  And the cavern method will take longer and so our construction pain will go for longer
  • Many of the trees, especially the ones out Botanica are very nearly at the end of their practical lives.  The City of Port Phillip does not have a great record of replacing old trees with decent new trees.  The ‘new’ tree on our doorstep is about 4 years old now!!
  • Our submission has strongly recommended that trees that MUST be taken, are taken as late as possible and replaced as early as possible with mature trees.

Bottom line is…be careful signing petitions without knowing the facts.

If you want to read more then you’ll have to wade through lots of documents, sorry couldn’t find it easily.


2 thoughts on “Red ribbons on trees”

  1. Hi Gary,

    The ribbons have come from a big group actively working out of 1 Albert Road. They placed them around the trees and Metro workers were caught on cctv removing quite a few over night, that’s why the ones outside Botanica disappeared.



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