Metro Tunnel – City of Port Phillip

This presentation was made a few days back and reported fairly widely, but the actual document has only been released today, worth rreading.155-city-of-port-phillip-additional-documents

2 thoughts on “Metro Tunnel – City of Port Phillip”

  1. Hi, Gary. I have read this one pretty carefully.. I thought it was very good actually. One thing that concerned me ( as a sort of flow on) was that I hope they wouldn’t relocate the chiller/mechanical plant to Bowen Crescent.. No mention of where they though it should be! Thankyou for sending us all the ongoing information. Sincerely. Veronica Roberts. Sent from my iPad



  2. I agree – the suggestion has been to either put it underground or to negotiate with one of the local buildings for incorporation. A bit like the electrical substation in our basement


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