High noise period coming soon

As part of the works associated with the new Metro Rail tunnel project, you should be aware that some tram changes are coming soon.  This will see the #58 Tram diverted from Domain Road to Toorak Rd West.

This requires a new Tram Super Stop to be constructed on the city side of the Toorak Rd / St Kilda Rd intersection (plus another one near Millswyn St in Toorak Rd W).  It is a legislative requirement that all new tram stops are super stops.

This work will be HIGH IMPACT.

  • No trams will run along our part of St Kilda Rd from July 1 to July 11.  Buses will be used
  • To complete the work during the school holidays, it will be done 7*24 hours
  • It will be very noisy
  • Traffic will be bad
  • About 9 trees will go, quite a few immature ones and a couple of sick old ones.  Impact on trees is not too bad

New tram route commences on July 12

Yarra Trams are responsible for the management of the work and associated noise mitigation.  I expect we will hear more from them soon but if you’re getting sick of the Melbourne winter already and thinking of going away for the school holidays….it sounds like a great idea!!



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