Those noisy reversing beepers

Metro Rail told me some time back that they are going to enforce the rule that all ‘vehicles’ on site will need to have the new generation reversing beepers – the ones that sound more like a quack and are MUCH less penetrating.

MOST vehicles have complied but some have not, I’ve been told that perhaps the sub-contractors have not yet changed their equipment…tough.  Tell them they are banned from site until the fix it!!

Here is an example of the banned one

If you hear one – take a short video plus a still photo to identify the offender.  I’ll start sending through to MMRA


One thought on “Those noisy reversing beepers”

  1. Please everyone get on board. These vehicles with beepers shouldn’t be out there. One week has been an extremely difficult test of the process. It’s just not OK to have them. The EPR for the tunnel is very specific, but we have to live with all this prep work and its really, really hard.


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