Concerned about the new station? Here’s what you can do

The final designs are now in the public arena and we all have only a few weeks to make comment.

My biggest concern and surprise is the fact we will have some ugly vents in the middle of St Kilda Rd, in front of Botanica.  The biggest one (5 metres high and as long as a tram) is proposed to be adjacent to the end of Bowen Crescent!!

Jan Swinburne and I have compiled the attached document which will form the basis of the formal Botanica submission.  Our advice is that multiple submitters does help but they cannot be simple cut and paste.

Where you submit and how is a bit messy.  If you click on the various links below, you’ll find you have to then pick a category.  At the end of my document, I’ve had stab at the link and category.

The comment submission pages are For the Development plan comments For the Early Works comments For Heritage Vic

 Go for it!!


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