When’s a good time to be ‘out of town’??

If ever you were thinking of going away for the school holidays…this is the year.  The major tram works opposite The Botanica will occur from April 1 to April 18.  It will happen night and day.

The #58 tram will not run from April 1-17, all other trams will not run from April 6-17.  There will be bus replacements and the #58 Tram will make it as far as the new stop in Park St.  So if you want a tram, it is only a short walk.

During this time there will be 5 nights when NO traffic will be able to travel northwards in St Kilda Rd near us while they do overhead wiring work.  Our access will be maintained but will be a bit problematic.

Around the time of this being completed, Bowen Lane is going to be closed at the St Kilda Rd end…for a LONG time.  When you leave the lower car park you will need to use Albert Rd to get to Kings Way.


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