Bowen Cres – night access

Every trip is a new challenge – last night I had a Maserati parked in the way – tonight I arrived just after a Range Rover left the car park.

The workers push the fence over further every day to make it harder – when they could simply give us access onto St Kilda Rd..not happy

Here is a short video


3 thoughts on “Bowen Cres – night access”

  1. ‘not happy’ is a very tolerant response. Being in the upper car park, it is taking 15 minutes to drive to get back to front of building to commence my journey.

    Yesterday I witnessed a parking officer harassing and booking a taxi driver on the corner of Bowen lane. The driver had merely stopped where possible to pick up several people and their luggage I assume to take to airport. The driver was being ticketed for this, irrespective of the fact that we are currently ‘construction locked’.

    I believe The city of Port Phillip is not underfunded and needs to be more proactive in ensuring that it’s taxpayers have entry and egress from their homes without the massive impediments we are all experiencing. This includes access to our driveway exits and reasonable access to parking and public transport.

    I have further witnessed pedestrians coming scarily close to being collected/hit by cars and cyclists as they disembark trams outside (an accident waiting to happen).

    Perhaps a qualified traffic management team is required here to alleviate all these issues as opposed to the spasmodic appearance of a revenue raising parking inspector???

    Well that was cathartic :$


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