City of Port Phillip – April update for Botanica

Jan and I ran out of things to do and so we decided to initiate a regular meeting with the City of Port Phillip – just kidding, we have been pretty busy!!

It has become increasingly clear to us that we need to ensure that the City of PP better understand our needs.  In that way they can help in discussions with MMRA but it is also important that they  understand the needs of our building and this precinct.

Items we discussed included

  1. MMRA / CYP
    • The chiller plant
    • Central bike lanes
    • Rubbish removal during the tunnel project
    • Lack of adequately lit foothpaths
  2. Parking permits
    • Visitor and resident parking issues
  3. Cladding
  4. Status of 412 St Kilda Rd
  5. Getting reversing beepers updated on City of PP rubbish trucks

They tabled 2304 Domain Precinct Vision – Presentation

Happy to answer questions, we will continue to meet with them about every 6 weeks


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