Tram screech update

c2-class_tram_hero_800x340I don’t have any good news – it seems a lot is happening but no-one really knows too much.  It was horrendous this morning and woke me v early.  Here are the sounds at 730am today

Yarra Trams today used my live feed to watch and listen to the problem.

Oddly the problem improved late today.

The official reply from CYP is below

Hi Gary/Jan,

Apologies for the delay in response – I don’t have anything new to report on the issue, but there is action happening behind the scenes.

You already know that YT sent a crew out to do rail grinding the other night, with little effect. They certainly aren’t sitting on their hands on the issue and hoping it will go away.

I’ve spoken to a number of people in the Botanica today and assured them that we’re not walking away from the issue and we’re actively looking for a solution.

I’ve also today provided your live feed of the tram situation to Yarra Trams for their ongoing consideration

The second I hear from Yarra Trams I’ll be letting you both know.

 Rob Mair


One thought on “Tram screech update”

  1. Hi Gary, Thanks for posting. Rob call me around 4pm yesterday expressing same as in his message to you & Jan. While we were talking he mentioned your live feed coming through. Well done. Successive nights of interrupted sleep is debilitating. Whilst I am not woken by it (ican hear it), I’ll continue to be on the case. Hoping a solution is found v soon. J

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