Tram squeal much better – what changed?

I’ve just got back and the squeal is much better today – interesting…what has changed??  I’ve been told that Yarra Trams seemed to do a lot of cleaning last night and again this morning (running their cleaning machine over the tracks).

Does cleaning really make that much difference?  If it does, why did they wait until it was soooo bad???  How often will they do it?

Sounds much more like an alignment issue but I am no tram expert

At least I may be able to sleep here tonight


Tram squeal returns

We were told that the squeal would diminish over 2-3 days.  That did happen but this evening it has returned, and it is bad.  This video shows consecutive trams coming out of the city in the evening peak.  City bound trams are almost all squeal free….could it be load related??

If you are not happy then call 1800 105 105 and politely explain your concern

Hopefully this guy also is ‘hearing’ the problem



Some breaking news

I have just come back from the Community Reference Group and have some news.

  1. The road part of the works being done out the front are a bit behind schedule.  To finish that work, they will be working at night for the next 3 nights.  Some more details are here
  2. Bowen Lane was to be closed in the next week.  It will now be kept open until at least June, perhaps longer.  This will make is easier to exit our lower car park.

..and yes I have raised the issue of the trams being very noisy on the new tracks.  There is some hope that it will improve as the tracks ‘bed in’ and the drivers take a little more care.  It is only some trams – not all.

If it is causing you grief – feel free to ring 1800 105 105 and lodge a complaint.

How much can be done in St Kilda Rd in 12 days??

Wow – what a busy couple of weeks.  Really it was more than two weeks but  the intense stuff with road closures has been 12 days.

There has been some high tech

and low tech

There has been shortage of decision makers

…and no lack of people giving directions


Some appeared to be looking for divine assistance

..others phoning a friend

The award for the most friendly and helpful person was SammyDSCN5061


..but this guy helped the Melbourne Grammar students recover their footyDSCN5309

The weather was great to start with  but became cold and wet.  One morning it was spectacular

Here is my favourite time lapse for the week – the night the tracks went down at the Southern End

Here is short video of the successful test run and a couple of photos