Update from Metro Tunnel CRG Domain meeting


Jan attended the CRG meeting in my absence – here are her notes

FYI. These are my notes from yesterday morning’s Domain Precinct Community Reference Group meeting. I’ve listed the main points made by each presenter that are of most relevance to Botanica.


John Goding & David Glossop, Cross Yarra Partnership: current & upcoming works update


Southern box – approx 2 wks behind schedule

  • Service proving @ 390 St Kilda Rd because high voltage cable very close by
  • Covered, well-lit walkway to be installed in front of 390 on Sat 21 July. Piling rig used for ground anchor removal has a very tall mast so pedestrians need to be protected from possible falling objects
  • D–wall construction to start in Oct
  • Botanica’s trees to be removed late July/Aug – may be affected by nearby anchor removal
  • Air quality monitors have been installed in MGS garden & Albert Reserve. Having a few issues which should be sorted this wk.

David O’Shaughnessy, Cross Yarra Partnership: public submission & design process update 

  • Station design – still working on canopy material, supports to be steel vs timber, drainage of roof canopy. Will take until Sept to bed down internal station issues.
  • Early 2019 there’ll be further info on design details
  • Dealing with public realm a big issue – lagging a little behind in design. Detailed design phase in 2019. No further public consultation/comment on public realm design.
  • Shrine entrance & lift – need to avoid Cobbers Statue so moving them along to the start of Domain Rd
  • Station entrances in Albert Reserve – maybe consolidate to one entrance instead of two. There’s a pinch point between one entrance & The Domain so maybe won’t have entrance near The Domain.
  • Windsor Oak not to be moved – not negotiable
  • Boer War monument may be located deeper into Albert Reserve?
  • Loading, drop off, disabled zones need to be maintained
  • Waste & logistics a challenge – no–one wants them located nearby
  • Needs of retailers in station space to be considered
  • Flood modelling being undertaken – will impact design
  • Ancillary structures – issues not yet resolved, decisions not yet made.
  • MGS rep asked re vibration impact on school of trains & vents in operation. Interestingly, assured trains not a prob but couldn’t be assured re vents!!
  • According to Simon Adams, a number of issues have been escalated from RPV to govt level for decision-making – location of bike lanes, number of traffic lanes & 58 tram route?

Simon Adams, Rail Projects Victoria: tram noise update

  • At a public mtg on 27 June, 25-30 residents were informed that there were 4 mitigation approaches to prob of tram squeal – track grinding, track lubrication with water cart, modification of the adjoining pavement & friction modifier application
  • Cause of tram squeal still not identified – have checked thru 2,000 docs
  • Qualitative noise measurements – 27 June – 6 July, 7-9am, 4-6pm, 15 individuals in 2 different locations noted noise, weather, tram type…
  • Quantitative – acoustic specialist monitored noise & frequency using special $30,000 equipment which measures frequency & can pick out squeal’s high pitch. Noise recorded pre and post track grinding. Will take a couple of weeks to analyse. As time passed, positive impact of track grinding went away
  • Temperature may have relevant impact on noise – on recent 2 degree morn, there was very loud squeal
  • On 4 July between 10am & 2pm a water cart flooded tracks on numerous occasions. The positive impact lasted 20 mins!

Brian Maddock, Yarra Trams

  • YT carried out friction modifier trials at Preston depot to determine if application will impact on tram operation eg braking –  speeds of 15, 20 & 30 kph, using emergency brakes. Applied friction modifier & carried out same tests, then watered tracks & repeated tests. Found NO effect on braking capacity of trams!
  • Need to go thru govt risk assessment before testing on tram tracks but hoping to trial on Thurs fortnight ie 26 July. Will apply friction modifier overnight with paint rollers! If noise reduction is successful, applicator pumps & pipes to be installed beside tracks to spread friction modifier.
  • Modification of pavement adjoining tracks another option. Looking to trial 50m of track next week. Cut either side of track & apply emulsion into grooves. We’ll be notified of timing.
  • On behalf of Botanica residents I thanked Simon, Brian & others involved for their efforts to solve this 3 month old prob.


Question time – some relevant issues raised

  • Status of condition/dilapidation reports for common & private properties
  • Poor traffic management, especially signage, associated with our road closure. Needs urgent attention.
  • Problems associated with public bin removal – rubbish, smokers, butts & our small garden fire last week.

Hope some of this is of interest.






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