Tram noise – latest news

I’m back and you’ll get a couple of posts today from me.  The first and most important one…an update on the tram noise.

CYP / Yarra Trams / RPV have been carrying out all sorts of tests.  The good news is that they have a solution – they have found that a ‘friction modifier’ dramatically reduces the noise.  They ran a trial with Monash Uni testing the noise levels and it worked really well…but only for a short period of time…and they had to literally paint it on the tracks, not quite a sustainable solution.


They have now found a Canadian company who can install an automated system but the installation will take two months.  It involves the installation of two 90 litre tanks that will drop the solution on to each set of tram wheels as they pass.  The tram will spread it along the track for around 400 metres.

So relief is coming – hopefully in the two months and not any longer than that!!


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