Converting old office blocks can work!


The above photo was taken in 1966-7 by Peter Wille and shows what 400 St Kilda Rd looked like back then.  Even then our street trees weren’t all that great, especially that one next to the blue Holden.


I know that this shot (taken by Perry Cho from Patient Eye) is from a different angle but WOW…just a bit more classy


2 thoughts on “Converting old office blocks can work!”

  1. Yours is a nice enough building. I remember the two story Victorian terrace houses along there, perhaps where 412 is. I can remember the VRC racing centre where we live at 418, but I can’t really remember the old 400 St Kilda Road. Great photo. While I know yours is not a new building, it has been there for a long time. What year was it built? I think before 2000.


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