Sprinkler levy – Change to due date

See below the note that should have gone with sprinkler levy note.

The due date for the levy is now May 31

Fire sprinkler replacement program

Note for Owners

Back in December I alerted you to the fact that we have an issue with Omega fire sprinklers in The Botanica.  Since then we have been diligently working through the various options and costs. 

The Committee has agreed that the best course of action to be:

* Replace all Omega sprinklers as soon as practicable.  With the virus issues, this may cause a delay and we are working with the supplier on exact timing.

The work will require a two step process. 

a. The first step will be the replacement of the sprinkler heads and this may involve some minor damage to plaster work in apartments.  This is the most urgent task and we have a fixed price quote for this work of $142K including GST.

b. The plaster/paint repair work will be a separate task and we are not able to get quotes for this work until Step 1 is complete.  It will be done as a separate task at a separate time.

The sprinkler work will be funded by a levy to all owners and the plaster / paint work will be funded from our existing maintenance fund.  The total of the levy will be $150K to cover some additional car park sprinkler work not included in the existing quote.

I understand that it is a bad time to be requesting additional funds from owners, but this is essential work to maintain the safety of all occupants of the building.  To make it a little easier the payments will be split across two quarters.  This also means that the two payments are across two financial years which may assist some owners.  If you have issues making these payments please contact Civium and we will try to come to a mutually agreeable payment plan.

The organisation we have engaged is very experienced in these matters and have done a number of apartment sprinkler replacement projects.  Their timing is still not fixed, we are hopeful that we may be able commence in May / June with the work expected to take around 3 months.

By the nature of the work, it will be disruptive but we will try and minimise the disruptions.  We will also ensure that all Corona Virus recommendations are followed by all working on the project.

In the meantime, please ensure that you continue to be extra diligent on fire matters.  Be careful with BBQ’s, know the locations of extinguishers, know the evacuation plans.

Gary Buck


25 March 2020


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