Latest tunnel news

I attended the Community Reference Group (CRG) meeting today – via Zoom.

Some things to note:

  1. Work is continuing with social distancing taken in account
  2. The final design (including possible central bike lanes) has still not been released and no date has been set for this.
  3. Albert Rd park will be tidied up this week, most poles/wire to go
  4. Big yellow bentonite tanks on The Shrine corner gone before Easter
  5. Tunneling to start late April/early May
    1. Millie first and then Alice about 4 weeks later..heading to South Yarra
    2. Distance to South Yarra is about 1.7km and they do about 10 metres per day…so it will take until late 2020
    3. Noise and vibration being monitored closely
    4. Will be 24*7
    5. Material coming out of tunnel will be a slurry form. It will go to Edmund Herring Oval for ‘drying’ and will then be trucked away from there. Trucks will go up past the Shrine in most cases.
    6. Trucks expected to create more noise than the tunneling

Full slide pack below


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