Night noises

We are talking to CYP almost every day to try and reduce the noise and vibrations. Last night was particularly bad. Here’s a short sample…it has the full site of noises. A fairly quiet empty truck, noise from Edmund herring Oval, a squealing tram and a loaded truck.

This is happening every five minutes.

It is worth noting that the camera has a mike designed for picking up sounds within 5 metres.


3 thoughts on “Night noises”

  1. Good morning Gary. Great site. As much as I empathise with where you are and what noises you put up with, consider yourself lucky that you are not at Princeton.
    The truck noise is now constant and horrendous, especially at night and right through the hours where most people try to sleep. Apart from the banging and crashing sounds made by the trucks, we have to endure talking and beeping trucks! Yes, talking trucks!
    As each truck arrives at St Kilda Rd, from Kings Way, insult to injury is added in the form of: STAND CLEAR, THIS VEHICLE IS TURNING LEFT! The message is constantly repeated until the traffic lights change. Up to 22 times per set of lights. The messages are often accompanied by loud beeping.
    Combine the above with constant bell ringing by tram drivers and occasional truck horn fights, life is but a dream, NOT!
    Would be most interested in your comments!
    Unhappy vegemite


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