Does the sound treatment work?

The latest story on the sound treatment from CYP…

Afternoon all,

As I said to Gary in an earlier email, the unit was measuring up to 75 dB when it was first installed. We’ve since put the matting in around the engine bay that is generating the actual noise – which I appreciate is not visually spectacular compared to the size of the unit.

More importantly, we’ve focussed on less visible efforts that actually make a bigger difference.

The maintenance on the machine has been closely monitored to ensure that the filter is cleaned out more regularly and the unit doesn’t have to work as hard.
We’ve also progressively adjusted the unit so that it only works as hard as it needs to in order to achieve the air quality underground.

At installation it was working at 100% – it is now operating between 70-80% and still achieving the results we need below ground.

The current noise levels are around 69-70dB.

I raised the issue this morning in our construction meeting and everyone is aware that the unit is causing issues and should only be used for as long as it is absolutely required.

Thanks, Rob

So after getting this email I thought I’d listen and see if I can hear the difference. The video goes for 38 seconds, the start is before anything had been done, the next section is with the sound treatment and the final section after they have reduced the way the machine is operating….there is a blue banner between each.

My hearing is not great..see if you can hear the difference


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