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GB Note – Hopefully no noisy air con plant on Monday, an RDO


Please be aware that Monday is an RDO. Tunnelling will continue, but there will no other civil works on Monday.


Works will carry on as normal inside the acoustic shed. Currently, tunnelling is progressing well and the first TBM Millie is now past Punt Road, with Alice not far behind.

Anzac Station entrance – Shrine of Remembrance 

CFA piling around the perimeter of the new station entrance will be completed tomorrow. Once this is done, the piling rig will be dismantled and removed from site. This means that we will be able to start excavation of the station entrance next week. At the moment, this looks likely to commence on Wednesday or Thursday. We will be bringing in a couple of excavators to site to complete this work. These first stages of excavation are not expected to be too disruptive.

Middle Box Roof Construction 

We continue to prepare the final section of the Anzac Station roof. As we mentioned last week, the temporary deck has been installed that we’ll use to support the pour of the final section of the roof. We’ve also laid form ply on top, which the roof slab will be cast against. Now, we are installing the steel reinforcements that will form the roof slab. As part of this, the team will be completing some hammer drilling into the roof slab to post fix steel reinforcements. This has been happening today, and will continue into tomorrow and next week.

Middle Box Excavation 

Excavation under the roof slab and load out continues as we near completion. The excavation to concourse level is expected to be complete by the end of next week. As outlined in the August construction notification, works will carry on until 10pm under the roof slab next week. This will be limited to work under the roof to push excavated material up to the void, ready for removal the next day. Because of the reduced activity under the roof, the additional ventilation system will not be used during these extended work hours.

Once the excavation is complete, we will prepare and commence the installation of minor strutting at the southern end of the station box. The crawler crane will lower the steel and other equipment through the void to the team working underground.

Thanks, Rob, Dan and Jordan

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