St Kilda Rd ugliness

At the AGM the other night there was a lot of discussion on the proposed Chiller Plants that will form part of the final look on St Kilda Rd. The plants will be immediately in front of The Botanica / Bowen Crescent.

I am staggered that these massive structures could be approved on a heritage boulevard. What is Heritage Victoria thinking?? I know there is talk of beautifying / hiding them / disguising them but look at the size next to a tram…nothing can hide that!

By the way they will run 24 hours a day and produce noise…how noisy??

There will be a public consultation period later in the year – hopefully commonsense will prevail but it seems unlikely. I will keep you posted.

Aerial view

There will also be some vents and while they are not great, the options are more limited for their location. See the images of them below.

The company that did the work has modelled the info as best they could from the limited information that RPV / CYP have provided. I am very confident that the size and location are correct.


6 thoughts on “St Kilda Rd ugliness”

  1. Ugly, surely these could be built below ground. I accept that the chimneys may need to be above ground – but the huge brown buildings! Surely not.
    Maybe we could crowdfund to put them below the ground.


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