CRG Update

Sorry for lack of news lately, I’ve been away quarantine / lock down and bushfire evacuation. Now back home.

See attached

Some important things to note

  • TBM progress has been great and so it now appears that we will only have the 2 TBMs running thru hard rock for 2 weeks at most. Will occur in late Feb/early March and then a week in mid April. Subject to change of course but this is likely to lessen the vibration hassles that we had late last year
  • Millie now likely to get to Town Hall Station mid/late April
  • Alice due there early June
  • That v noisy street sweeper should not operate between 8pm-7am unless some sort of spill
  • For your long term plans
    • Tram line will move to final location in about April 2023
    • Edmund Herring Oval return to park 2025

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