A picture (video) tells the story

A few weeks back we were having some terrible vibrations throughout the building. I tried to explain that they were removing concrete segments and the blinding layer ceiling underneath St Kilda Rd.

Here is a video that shows what was happening.

A few things to note

  • The camera does not move – the back wall keeps moving away from the camera
  • The camera is about at Bowen Lane / St Kilda Rd looking south
  • If you look closely, you can see a ‘thin’ layer of ceiling concrete that falls away (with some help) at various points. This was a temporary layer laid to give a solid base to lay the concrete lab onto. Called a ‘blinding layer’. It was these chunks falling that caused us the grief
  • In the final shot, the top right of the scene is immediately in front of The Botanica, near our front steps



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