That jackhammering

I hope you enjoyed the later start today – 730am instead of the normal 7am…..we have been hassling them about it

In case you didn’t read it in their blurb yesterday…

In response to feedback, we’ve pushed back the start time for the jackhammer demolition to 7:30am, as opposed to kicking off right at 7am as we had in the past – It’s a small respite but hopefully makes some difference, particularly on a Saturday. Due to the high noise of the sucker trucks, we’ll also hold them up until 7:30am on Saturday. We’ll start with two and then only add the other machine later in the morning. I appreciate that these are only small wins – but I hope it makes some difference. We genuinely appreciate everyone’s patience as we get through this disruptive work.

You can see that they have done a lot of the smashing. You can even watch the live feed in you want. Go here and click on Camera 1 – Middle Box

..and those sucker trucks. They are essentially vacuuming up the dirt. The feedback on that is…

Right now we have just under 100m of exposed delayed pour strip that we need to clean out with the sucker trucks – we are achieving approximately 4m per day, per sucker truck. While it is certainly annoying to have three of them going at one time, we do achieve significantly greater productivity and all going well they’ll be finished the bulk of their existing task by the end of next week – whereas if we persisted with a single truck, we’d have them on site for another 25 days to work through the exposed area.


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