Garden beds out the front of the building

This week I’ve had another in depth look at the various documents that I shared some weeks back.

Firstly – confirming that we will get our trees back.

Something that intrigued me was that it seemed like we have ‘garden beds’ between our street trees out the front. This is the final design – so a couple of years away. This is the “picture”

How do you interpret that?? Well the different colours mean different things and different plantings.

The dark green in front of the Massage place will have PLT-321 and the other area will have PLT-229. What does that mean? Sorry the snip is a bit hazy

What are these plants?

Arjuga Reptans – photo by G. Edward Johnson
Dianella caerulea – photo by Ethel Aardvark
Lomandra longifolia ‘Tanika” – photo by Alpine nurseries
Ficinia nodosa – photo from Garden Express

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