CYP update

Good afternoon everyone, Hope everyone dodged the drizzly start to the day and is ready for some nicer weather this weekend.

Below is a snapshot of the works coming up on site next week.

Anzac Station entrance construction – Tram Interchange

The skylights on the roof of the tram interchange continue to be installed this week – the continual wet weather hasn’t helped progress, but the steel frames for the skylights are arriving to site, before the glazing is attached and the sections are craned onto the roof and installed. The team is also installing the fascia around the canopy ring beam and the under-skylight flashing.

Down under the tram canopy preparations backfilling works are continuing around the central platform all next week. This will be followed by the preparation works for the construction of the tram platform itself. This will involve laying the conduits for all the drainage and electrical components that need to run underneath the platform. As we’ve notified previously, once they kick off, these works will continue up until 10pm during the evening with an excavator progressively digging out the shallow trench, as the conduits are progressively laid and the area is then backfilled.

It may not look like it now, but in less than four months passengers will be getting on and off trams at this tram stop. So over these next four months the entire area will be a hive of activity.

Station box construction

While the focus is on the numerous activities above ground, the team down in the station box have been making some great progress. Down at platform level almost the entire length of platform precast has been installed, and the majority of these sections have also had the concrete topping slab poured.  When constructing the central island platform, the team leave a gap in the platform, this allows access to both sides of the station box for crews and machinery – it also allows the team to get in underneath the platform to continue the installation of the myriad of conduits and cables underneath the station platform. Today we’ve included a photo of one of the last sections of the station platform to have its concrete topping slab poured. The crew are preparing the reinforcement ready for a pour.

Up at concourse level the fitout team are still hard at work building all the back rooms in the northern sections and doing the finer detailed fitout works in the southern section.

Shrine Entrance

The newest arrival to site is the piling rig, which is going about its business adjacent to Domain Road. It is constructing the piles around the perimeter of the second stage of the Shrine entrance. In the coming weeks we’ll commence excavation down to a depth of around 10m within this piled perimeter.

Surface Works

At the southern most end of the site the D-wall demolition has all but finished with just some minor trimming works remaining next week. The end of the demolition means the start of the NDD or sucker trucks, and this will be the case for the first few days of next week. In the middle box, there is one small section left to be done. The table below has the breakdown of these activities for next week. Outside this, the focus is purely on surface preparation, with works under way to prepare the area for the new southbound lane of St Kilda Road to be built through site.

The team at the northern most end are well on their way on this same endeavour. As we have mentioned previously, this section of road on St Kilda Road that was previously a site access road and site sheds, will later this year become the southbound lane of St Kilda Road.

Park Street Works

We understand that there has been a closure of the left turn from St Kilda Road into Park Street, these are CitiPower works and we have been in touch to enquire about the duration. We understand that the turn ban will likely be in place until Tuesday. We have been asked about traffic works down at the intersection of Park Street and Kings Way, but we are not aware of these works or who might be responsible.

Metro Tunnel related works on Park Street have been pushed back until October.

D-wall/Delayed Pour Strip/Backfill Works Lookahead   
Southern Section:NDD Cleanout of delayed pour strip (DPS)Loadout spoilSteel Plate cuttingMiddle Section:Steel fixing and final clean of DPSSouthern Section:NDD Cleanout of DPSLoadout spoilSteel Plate cuttingSteel plate removalMiddle Section:Pour DPSSouthern Section:NDD Cleanout of DPSLoadout spoilSteel plate removalMiddle Section:Partial Backfill, commence D-wall demolitionSouthern Section:D-Wall demoLoadout spoilMiddle Section:Partial Backfill, commence D-wall demolitionSouthern Section:D-Wall demo completionLoadout spoilDPS FRPMiddle Section:D-wall demolitionSouthern Section:Loadout spoilDPS FRPMiddle Section:D-wall clean-up

Thanks, Rob and Christian


2 thoughts on “CYP update”

  1. It is pity there isn’t advance notification that Park Street is closed as there was the last time. Today’s trip to South Melbourne meant Dorcas Street and Wells Street when had we have known, we could have used Albert Road.


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