Survey results

Thanks to the 33 people who completed the survey. A few quick snapshots

The full results are here

A few particular matters that were raised

  • A few people asked about the back wall and the trellis that is on the wall. It seems that we will need scaffolding to fix the issue and that makes it quite difficult. However, we will also need scaffolding when we repaint the building – so we will do both at the same time. The timing is not locked in but currently scheduled for about 12 months’ time and the plan is to paint the back of the building first.
  • Coffee pod recycling – now available in the lower car park, near the bike racks. Currently only for Nespresso pods.
  • Ramp access at the front. We have looked at this and it is very difficult and expensive. We have also had it confirmed that we are meeting all legal requirements.
  • Sensor lights in common areas. We have converted all common area lights (including car park) to LED and decided that it is preferable from a security point of view to have them always on.
  • Return to sender box – the postie is happy to collect such mail from the bench near the flowers. Must be clearly marked as ‘return to sender’.
  • Solar power – we contacted one major supplier and they noted that we have limited roof space and it is heavily shaded. This is now on the back burner but not ruled out.
  • Lower car park – we have been doing some work on reducing the water ingress / efflorescence. The Long Term Maintenance Plan is being redone at the moment and we currently plan to repaint the lower carpark.

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