CYP update

See below – but nothing until THURSDAY

Good afternoon everyone,

In addition to the Melbourne Cup public holiday, over the next five days we will be observing a construction shutdown period which means that no construction works will be occurring onsite until next Thursday 3 November.

With a short week, this will be a brief summary of activities for next week. That being said, there will be works occurring at the end of next week including some out of hour works with an overview of these activities outlined below.

Anzac Station entrance construction – Tram Interchange

When construction activities recommence next Thursday, works will continue surrounding the tram platform including trenching to install drainage and conduits for electrical and communication services to the platform.

Glass balustrades will be installed around the central mezzanine overlooking the underground station box and works on the canopy fascia and under flashing to the skylights will continue.

Cladding will be applied to the external surface of the kiosk and internal services to the kiosk will continue to be installed.

These works surrounding the tram platform and kiosk will continue out of normal construction hours until 10pm on weekdays and until 6pm on Saturdays, to ensure that critical works to the tram platform are complete for the start of tram realignment works in November.

Surface Works

Next week, between 8pm, Thursday 3 November and 5am Friday 4 November, the team will be shifting concrete barriers along the southbound lane of St Kilda Road to provide new access points into the construction site.

To undertake these works safely, this will require a closure of the southbound lane of St Kilda Road between Dorcas Street and Toorak Road and will need to occur overnight, outside of high traffic periods.

Through the centre of the construction site, works to install tram tracks and tram infrastructure such as overhead poles will continue in the preparation for the tram realignment works in November.

At the northern and southern ventilation and services shafts, waterproofing, backfilling and installation of utility services will recommence next week.

Around the perimeter surfaces of the structures, cladding will be installed. Due to recent inclement weather, works on and around these structures will continue outside of normal construction hours until 10pm on weekdays and 6pm on Saturdays.

Station box construction

Within the lower levels of the station box, finishing elements of blockwork installation are almost complete and fit out works are continuing.

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing works are continuing and works to fitout the lifts and vertical transportation are underway.

Shrine Entrance

Next week at the Shrine entrance over near Domain Road we will continue steel fixing for the new section of the top-down roof. Once the roof is installed, the main excavation down to the future base slab will commence.

Regards, Rob and Christian


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