CYP Weekly update

Good afternoon everyone,

Hope everyone managed to find where you’d stashed away your winter coats today – hopefully next week we can get back to some warmer weather!

Just a reminder that it is an RDO on site next Monday, with work resuming on Tuesday, below is a snapshot of what to expect next week out on site:

Station Roof Works

The preparatory works are nearly done and next week will see the Botanica driveway on St Kilda Road diverted out to Bowen Lane to allow the start of demolition of the D-walls. This demolition will be followed by the sucker truck to clean out of the delayed concrete pour strip, and then concrete pour and waterproofing. The driveway switch is scheduled in for Wednesday 8 February. An excavator will start breaking back the wall immediately following the driveway switch. The team will likely use one excavator that will break out the wall, and periodically switch to loading a truck with the broken out material. The sucker truck will then follow later, but won’t be in this section next week.

Albert Road Reserve Station Entrance

The piling rig is making good progress around the perimeter of the new station entrance, 35 of the piles are now complete and the northern edge is almost done. As we mentioned last week, the piling rig itself will stop work at 6pm Monday to Friday, but the actual lowering of cages and pouring of concrete will likely run up until 10pm in the evening.

With the northern end nearly complete, initial excavation will commence early next week. The excavation in this area will go down 2m in depth to expose the piles, before work can start on a ‘capping beam’ across the top of the piles in this section, and ultimately form up a section of the entrance roof.

In order to pour the capping beam over the top of the piles, they need to be broken back to the exact required height. Unfortunately this requires the use of excavators with hammers. The team have reduced the amount of overpour on these piles to help minimise the time required to break them back to their required height. This breakout work is likely to commence the following week, and will only occur during standard working hours

Conduit Installation – Albert Road North

The first stage of the conduit installation kicked off this week with the opening up of Albert Road at the top end near the pedestrian crossing. This section is nearly complete and we’re expecting them to switch over to the northern edge of Albert Road early next week to start trenching and conduit laying along Albert Road North. As we mentioned the works will be staged across driveways to ensure that access is maintained. This will also require the team to temporarily occupy kerb-side parking spaces along this section as they make their way down the road, sucker trucks will be used to excavate the trench as works make their way down.

Albert Road legacy alignment construction

There won’t be much to report on the construction of the final alignment of Albert Road for a little while, as it is reliant on the completion of the conduit installation on Albert Road North.
We’ll have more news on these works as the conduit works progress.

St Kilda Road median Works

As mentioned last week, in the centre of St Kilda Road we’ve started works on the central median of St Kilda Road.

Similar to last week, in the northern end of site demolition of the existing asphalt and kerbs will continue in preparation for installation of drainage, conduits and pavement.

Down south, the last of the trenching works to connect services to connect to the future chiller plants will be finished by the end of next week. Service proving in this area is done and the sucker trucks will only be in use if there is rain and the trench requires a clean out. Excavation has also now begun for the base slabs for the chillers, by the back end of next week we’ll start blinding (a preliminary concrete layer) before we also start the formwork for the base slab of the chillers.

Station box construction

Underground there is a lot of good work being done. The framing for the platform screen doors are at the half way point of installation, while in a great sign of progress there is now track laid through Anzac Station on the eastern side of the platform, with the western side following next week.
Up on the concourse level the team are working under the canopy and behind the tram shelter hoarding to install the glass panels around the permitter of the oculus as well as the balustrades around the permitter. I’ve included today a photo of the balustrades being installed around. Steel framing and insulation is going on many of the back of house rooms at B1 as the station continues to take shape.

Shrine Entrance

Excavation at the Shrine entrance will be ongoing next week, as per last week, excavation and loadout will continue up until 10pm.

Park Street under bore

The Park Street under bore works are now underway with minor preparatory works to continue next week, before the under bore drill is setup the following week to bore underneath SKR and make the the final HV connection.


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